Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mysterious figure found on mars photo debunked?

We reported some days ago that a mysterious figure found on a mars photo might either be Bigfoot (unlikely) or probably rather a Tusken Raider from Star Wars.

The Planetary Society Weblog writes though that color images from space are practically never taken at the same time. The cameras are using monochrome detectors and to obtain color images they have to take the photo of the same spot at least three times with different color filters. In the mysterious mars figure photo Spirit took aim at that particular spot first with blue filters. One minute later after saving the first files it put an infrared filter over the scene and shot the scene again. About half a minute later it took the scene for a third time with a green filter.

During this time the humanoid figure stood perfectly still. If it would have moved the figure would have appeared blurred on the picture. And if thats not proof enough they explain that the same rock-figure was photographed several days earlier at the same place - same position.

If you want to know more then head to the The Planetary Society Weblog


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