Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snowball - The Dancing Cockatoo

Feel the rhythm!

Scientist becomes the first person to clone himself

From Daily Mail UK:

A scientist has achieved a world first... by cloning himself.

In a breakthrough certain to provoke an ethical furore, Samuel Wood created embryo copies of himself by placing his skin cells in a woman's egg.

The embryos were the first to be made from cells taken from adult humans.

Although they survived for only five days and were smaller than a pinhead, they are seen as a milestone in the quest for treatments for diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

But critics fear the technology could be exploited by mavericks to clone babies and accused the scientists of reducing the miracle of human life to a factory of spare parts.

Researchers from the Californian stem cell research company Stemagen employed the same technique used to make Dolly the sheep, the world's first cloned mammal, to create the embryos.

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Top Ten Best Discontinued Soft Drinks

Stew Miller put together an amazing list of the top 10 soft drinks which were discontinued. If you want to know more about "Coke II" and "Raging Razzberry Pepsi" then head over to his blog:

Sleepy Cat

Lovely cat falling in sleep

Friday, January 18, 2008

Gamer saves life thanks to his virtual medic training

Paxton Galvanek, who never received any "live" medical training, was driving home when he saw an SUV lose control and flip over. While his wife called 911 he ran to the car to help. He immediately freed the two people in the car and brought them to safety. One man had little injuries but the other man was heavily bleeding since he lost fingers. He also appeared to have a head trauma.

Paxton found a towel and pressed it against the man's lost fingers. He examined the head injury and concluded that it wasn't serious. He decided to take care of the hand and asked the person to sit down, relax and lift the hand above his head. Soon later a soldier arrived and took over of the first aid. He told Paxton that he did everything right and with the ambulance on the way Paxton went home.

Later Paxton wrote to the people which developed the computer game America's Army and thanked them for the medical training which he received in the game. He told them that because of the training he was able to save the injured men.

He wrote that in section four of the game's medic training he learned to evaluate situations and decide on priorities while in section two he learned about controlled bleeding.

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Ancient "lost city" discovered in Peru

According to experts ruins which were discovered in Peru could be the ancient lost city of Paititi. On January 10 the states news agency reported that an archaeological fortress had been discovered in the district of Kimbiri. According to Mayor Guillermo Torres the ruins which were found are a 430,000 square foot fortification. He said that the area will be immediately declared as a cultural tourism site.

The Peruvian National Institute of Culture is dispatching a team to investigate the site and more details should emerge soon.

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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Disguised Market

Be happy to not live in such an overcrowded place!

Adorable Fight

Aren't they cute?

Robbers Leave Money For Fear Of Jesus

Two men weren't allowed to buy beer at a Smith's store in Magna, UT since it was past 1 am. They then asked the clerk if they are allowed to steal the beer instead and the clerk told them that they could, but that Jesus is watching them. When they heard this they brandished a gun and took the beer - but left 9$ to the clerk.

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Did insects kill dinosaurs?

There are many theories why dinosaurs became extinct and the most popular one is that they were killed from a chain reaction which was initiated from an asteroid which hit the earth. Other theories say that they died from diseases, allergies or volcanoes.

Two scientists from the Princeton University Press support the disease theory in their new book "What Bugged the Dinosaurs". Authors George and Roberta Poinar which specialized in fossilized dinosaur poop found ticks, nematodes, biting flies and other sorts of nasties, including intestinal parasites, dating back to the Cretaceous period. They extracted microbes that cause leishmania and malaria - evidently new pathogens back then, against which dinosaurs wouldn't have had much resistance.

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Silly bank robbers - no, not this time

While we all saw movies of bank robbers leaving their name cards at the bank it is rare to find a video clip where the story is the other way around.

Chicken survived two days in the freezer

A man from China had the shock of his life when he opened his freezer and found that the chicken which he placed there two days ago was still alive. He received the chicken from a relative and assumed that it was dead.

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Human Towels

Woman on run of police posed as 13 year old boy

The teachers and pupils of a school in Norway had every reason to ponder about the new kid in the class. He was scared and didn't want to participate in sports and well... It turned out that he was a 33 year old woman who was on the run from police.

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Ghostbusters Prank

Did you ever see a ghost at school?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Puppy Gang

Cats don't survive long in Puppytown

Contracts of WGA writers canceled

Several studios have canceled contracts of dozens of writers. According to the Times it might mean that the next seasons new shows are endangered now as well.

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Don't eat slugs

And if you wonder why... here is the answer:

Why men do stupid things

From married with children:

Star Murals - A 5D work of art

StarMurals are a work of art which look similar to the real night sky. They are not visibile during the day but they glow in the dark during the night. They twinkle and move just like the night sky. Each StarMural is custom hand painted without any projection. Are you intrigued yet?

You can find out more on this website:

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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Texas residents report dozens of UFO sightings

Local residents in Texas reported dozens of UFO sightings over the past days. Flickering lights were seen all over the sky and while some believe that these could be secret military operations others have very different opinions. Why would those extraterrestrial visitors fly over Texas?

For some it seems that there can only be one logical conclusion: The end of the world is near

So start digging, prepare peace flags or just enjoy your final days. If you want to read more go to this website:

What do you think about it?