Friday, January 18, 2008

Gamer saves life thanks to his virtual medic training

Paxton Galvanek, who never received any "live" medical training, was driving home when he saw an SUV lose control and flip over. While his wife called 911 he ran to the car to help. He immediately freed the two people in the car and brought them to safety. One man had little injuries but the other man was heavily bleeding since he lost fingers. He also appeared to have a head trauma.

Paxton found a towel and pressed it against the man's lost fingers. He examined the head injury and concluded that it wasn't serious. He decided to take care of the hand and asked the person to sit down, relax and lift the hand above his head. Soon later a soldier arrived and took over of the first aid. He told Paxton that he did everything right and with the ambulance on the way Paxton went home.

Later Paxton wrote to the people which developed the computer game America's Army and thanked them for the medical training which he received in the game. He told them that because of the training he was able to save the injured men.

He wrote that in section four of the game's medic training he learned to evaluate situations and decide on priorities while in section two he learned about controlled bleeding.

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