Monday, January 21, 2008

CompUSA refuses to accept cash

Are you wondering why CompUSA is going out of business? Maybe you aren't, but this story might still interest you:

When a man wanted to pay for his iMac the clerk at a CompUSA store flipped out, telling him that he has to pay with a credit card and called the manager. When the manager, together with a security cop, showed up they told him that the clerk was right and that they don't accept cash.

CompUSA's corporate department confirmed it and said that every store is free to set their own policies. He later got a call back apologizing for what happened and telling him that they will make sure that he can pay with cash.

So he called the local store to see if the items he wanted were still in stock and got this reply: "I know who you are, your the guy that wanted to pay cash. My district manager & corporate called me and read me the riot act over this. Thanks for getting me in trouble!"
And was hung up on.

Read the full story here:

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